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Investing in the market is a difficult process. If you want to prevent losses, you need to do your research and invest in the right stocks at the right times. It would be best, in our opinion, to work with a financial advisor with an “active” wealth management approach. They can help with this. But, you might ask, what does that mean?

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Actively Vs. Passive Wealth Management

“Active” money management differs from “passive” money management. If your investments are being passively managed, there isn’t someone keeping up with or looking after them. This might work fine over a long period, but it comes with higher risk. And as you get older, your risk tolerance may change. Active money management, meanwhile, entails someone advising you on how to invest, in order to hopefully get you more long-term success.

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Our Process

Our first meeting will focus on protecting a portion of your assets from market risk and ensuring you have enough guaranteed income to last your lifetime. This is the foundation of our planning with every client.

Now that protection and lifetime income have been made a part of your overall plan, the third phase in our process is for us to conduct an “Audit” of your risk money. The meeting is focused on finding ways to reduce risk, overlap and possible fees – while maximizing your opportunity with “active” money management.

The next phase in our process is to have a meeting dedicated to reviewing how taxes could impact your retirement.

We will discuss if a more tax-efficient portfolio could benefit you and create a personalized strategy to help you minimize the impact of taxes on your retirement income and legacy.

Each year we will conduct a review of your existing accounts and make any necessary changes or recommendations. Each of our clients has access to constant education and communication with our team through webinars, seminars, and engaging client events!

Annual Financial Checkups

Our annual “checkups” with clients offer an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at their finances, the success of their retirement strategy, and how it may be improved. Checking on you to make sure that your finances are still in order is something that sets Cosaint Retirement Solutions apart from other firms like us. How do you know your retirement strategy is still working for you? Many different factors can affect your investments over a year. However, we can help you stay on track at our annual meetings with you.

Some of the things we'll discuss with you include:

  • Your asset allocation could be out of balance
  • Your portfolio may not be as diversified as you think
  • Your financial goals might have changed over time
  • And, your life situation could’ve changed
  • Laws also change: For example, tax laws frequently change
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